Domoa Al Ward

It is a famous Turkish series that gained a huge success.

It is taken from a novel called Painful Life that depicts a dramatic love relationship.

The protagonist is Ammar who is a butcher man who works with Alkarawnji.

Ammar witnesses the bodyguards of Alkarawnji killing his best friend, so he registers his witness at the police station.

As a result of his brave act, the bodyguards of Alkarawnji threaten Nirmeen, Ammar’s fiancé.

Alkarawnji attempts to kill Ammar, and people think that he is dead.

Nirmeen weds Ayman, Alkarawnji’s son who is a rich man.

Because Ammar is shocked of his fiancé being wedded to another man, he decides to revenge to get his love back.

Maisoun Abu Asaad		  Muhammad Hadaki		  Suzan Skaf		  Iyad Abu Al Chamat		  Housam Al Shah		  Rana Shmais		  Fadi Sbaih		  Lama Shamandi		  Vilda Samour