Wadi Al Zeab Season 6

In this part Morad decides to accept Aron’s Felr demand to rescue a kidnapped American agent in Iraq in order to get his daughter back.

He succeeds in that but Felr does not give Morad his daughter instead of that he guides him to where she actually lives in a house where the new American agent Joseph who will take Aron’s place is supposed to live in..

But the truth is that this a set up in order that one of them kills the other, either Morad or Joseph were killed..

they discovered the plan and at the end Morad takes back his daughter and kills Felr.

Previous character Alexander Warsoy who used to work with the government shows up but undercover and Cara is his new name , everyone thinks he is dead  because he is following orders from old men  but finally he reveals his real personality .. And works with Morad

Memati bash decides to marry Shaker’s daughter and a big wedding is held during which Memati is assassinated in spite of all the high security measures

Shady Mikrash		  Marwan Farhat		  Ayman Abdul Salam		  Ayman Al Salek		  Suzan Skaf		  Majd Zaza		  Michal Naema		  Rana Risha		  Amani Al Hakim		  Iyas Abu Ghazala		  Malek Al Muhammad		  Muhammad Qanua		  Fadi Sbaih		  Ousama Altenawi		  Owiss Mokhllati		  Naji Makhoul		  Kosai Kodsiah		  Basel Al Refai		  Iyad Abu Al Chamat		  Ali Satouf		  Nisrin Fendi		  Wasim AL Rahbi		  Mamoun Al Farkh