Wadi Al Zeab Season 4

We started valley of the wolves with a fight between the state and the mafia who is getting benefit of the foreign interference.

As this fight get wider and bigger by the interference of many organizations that have direct contact with the international mafia in both United States and Israel.

In our new episodes, the wolves become more violent and fights more ferocity and the valley more danger.

By the direct interference of both United States and Israel, the conflict is on a high level through their cornerstone an organization named (the Gladio) and its members who are spread like octopus through the government organizations, and between the great typhoons who works for it.   

The American man who is in charge of the (Gladio) planning, controlling and directing the operations versus Mourad and his men cooping together and hoping to win

Shady Mikrash		  Ayman Abdul Salam		  Ayman Al Salek		  Marwan Farhat		  Michal Naema		  Omaima Taher		  Basel Al Refai		  Fadi Sbaih		  Laura Abu Asaad		  Iyad Abu Al Chamat		  Ali Al Kasem		  Suzan Skaf		  Seif Abu Assaad