Omar a young guy who is in love with Aisha, the young girl who ran away from her father.

Jankeez and Ali are Omar's two best friends. Lives in the same neighborhood. 

Aisha's father came to visit her and then everything goes upside down.

The father start to make plans, the two friends Jankeez and Ali follows the plans. Aisha seduces Omar at night; they steal the casino and kill the guard.

Omar is accused and Aisha Witness against him. So he is condemned for life.  

Prisoners make a revolt in prison and during this the chief officers injures Omar face with a knife in order to know where is the stolen money,  at the last moment, Ramez rescued him.

They present a certificate to prove that one of the bodies from the riot is omars.

Omar enter a hospital with another name and get a plastic surgery to change his features even his voice. Then he become a new person called Azal. And has the intension to take revenge from his old friends who sent him to jail.

Azal makes a new friendship with them and a new relation with Aisha sister and propose a new project for them in order to make with him the same as they done with Omar before.

Omar entrap Jankeez in the same entrapment and send him to jail in the same way and Aisha witness against him like she did before with omar.

But it didn't end it up easily. Azal felt in real love with Aisha's sister.

Also he finds himself involved with the mob through his friend Ramez, the mob kills Ramez three children except his young girl who is chased by the mob to get revenge from her father Ramez.


Muhammad Hadaki		  Laura Abu Asaad		  Housam Al Shah		  Iyad Abu Al Chamat		  Yahiya Al Kafri		  Kuzet Al Hadad		  Ousaima Yousef		  Naji Makhoul		  Muhammad Khawandi		  Safaa Rukmani