Ahlam Barea [Melekler Korusun]

This drama tackles the life of students who aims to go out to real life towards big cities in order to achieve their dreams and goals.

Ibek is a young girl who obtained her higher secondary certificate and wishes to participate to the higher drama institution.

But her mother, who raised her and took her responsibility alone after that her husband passed away, refuses to let her go far Istanbul.

The young girl goes to Istanbul and passes the interview, when her mother knew, she punished her.

The girl insistence pushed her mother to agree. So she decides to leave her city and go with her daughter to study.

Asseen leave her boyfriend and she seeks a new lover in order not to go back to her small town.

Ozgur suffers from her parents ignorance, she leave the house, A friendship starts between three girls.

The mother perceive the difficulties that faces the young girls cause they are away from home ,she pity them and doesn’t want them to suffer anymore.

A group of young girls each one of them has a social case one of them is love.

Najlaa Khamri		  Kuzet Al Hadad		  Iyad Abu Al Chamat		  Ousaima Yousef		  Shahenaz Salim		  Basel Al Refai		  Ali Al Kasem