Wadi Al Zeab Season 2

The events are based on the relations between

the Turkish mafia and the international powers and the free masons.

During which the Karakhanly dies and Morad became the baron and the council is dissolved.

In this part Morad Alamdar succeeds in destroying the wolves council.

Free masons send him to Syria to kill an important personality but he refuses and in the way back to turkey he discovers that they are trying to kill him with a bomb hidden under his car but he survives and goes back to his country where he announces the termination of operation valley of wolves.

And here he discovers the identity of his real parents.

And due to that

the international mafia trying to take advantage of that in their own conflicts but he manage to get away from them...

He reaches

a secret document that his father Karakhanly owned and he infiltrates inside then he takes the case to the public, during the trial the court and the people support him.

Ayman Abdul Salam		  Ayman Al Salek		  Raghda Charani		  Shady Mikrash		  Muhammad Kharmasho		  Marwan Farhat		  Michal Naema