Wadi Al Zeab Season 1

The events of (valley of wolves) talks about the character of Ali Candan starring Najadi Shashmaz.

Ali was the boy who has been taken from the orphanage and afterwards became an Secret agent.

Later on, he was ordered by his captain Aslan Akbey to infiltrate the Turkish mafia known as the “council of wolves” To start this journey Ali candan had to die and reborn in a new identity he underwent a series of plastic surgeries to change his features.

Then the character of Polat Alemdar showed and started to be get close to the mafia to enter their process rooms to learn their plans.

He met the mafia gunman Süleyman Çakır after he saved him from an inevitable death then became his right hand and together they made a special team inside the mafia.

The series depends on seven people who form the mob's council (the council is the valley and the seven people are the wolves starting from the baron Mouhamad Karakhanli, Dyaa AL-lazi, Khasrof Agha, Najmi Lmnshar, ALseif, Nezam Aldeen Qufantesh, Ismael Vanono.

The mission of Polat Alemdar is to finish this council which consists of business men and men who worked for the government and politicians.

This council controls the mafia

and conspiracies and its members collect money illegitimately by selling drugs and arms trafficking and killing whoever stands in their way.

Shady Mikrash		  Michal Naema		  Ayman Al Salek		  Ayman Abdul Salam		  Raghda Charani		  Marwan Farhat		  Muhammad Kharmasho