Ramad Al Hub [Yanik Koza]

A family that seems to look happy but deeply suffering from what they face.

Al Chalaby family from Boursa city, the father (Ghaleb) runs the family business, he is married to (Hanzada) and they have a little boy (Omar Assaf).

The father discovers that he is sterile and that Omar Assaf isn’t his son.

While in his depression he meets Layla the journalist the owner of Bostet Boursa Newspaper.

And he falls in love with her, but this relation turns to be a nightmare for him when Samih (Ghalib’s friend) returns back to Boursa secretly and knows about his friend's relationship and tries to destroy his marriage as he loves Hanzada his best friend’s wife.

Ghalib's father (Assaf) finds out this secret and discovers that his grandson omar is the son of his youngest son Saad.

And he also meets his first love Hager and finds out that he has a son from her called Faisal and he decides to give him all his rights as his son and all that while Ghalib is trying to keep his family together.

Kuzet Al Hadad		  Ayman Al Salek		  Basel Al Refai		  Kosai Kodsiah		  Muhammad Kharmasho		  Wadah Halom		  Sahar Fawzi		  Yahiya Hashim		  Layla Bakdons		  Lama Shamandi