Tiger fist

Shamel and Thoraya are colleges in anti-drug department, and they love each other.

During an operation he discovers that another criminal operation is held at the same time in order to kill Baroody but he survived and Shamel saved him but he announced his death.

Shamel and Thoraya headed to wan a town in the east of turkey in order to ask for Thoraya’s hand, Shamel has a brother in the army he works in an anti-terrorism unit

Shamel discovers that his brother knows about Baroody , his brother explains to him how the drugs and terrorism are related , and the drug road from Afghanistan, Iran to Europe goes through turkey , wan is the eastern gate and Istanbul is the western gate ,and a special division called anti-drug terrorism should be established.

The brother starts a military operation and Shamel goes with him, they  caught a big shipment of drugs , the gang that tried to kill Baroody wants the drugs back  because if not they will lose the control over Istanbul , and they work with the terrorists to get it back.

In this operation Shamel’s brother dies.

Shamel’s love Thoraya is tracked in the middle of the drug network..

She was raised in family where the man worked for an x minister,  here real father is the criminal running after Istanbul representative for drugs , and the x minister is an essential partner of him.

Governmental and, military corruptions, terrorism gangs, all interfere in the drug trade because of the huge amounts of money that circle in this trade.

Shamel’s struggle starts in order to be a tiger to fight the drugs and terrorism.

Owiss Mokhllati		  Rawaa Al Saadi		  Iyad Abu Al Chamat		  Basel Al Refai		  Faten Eido