My Last Friend

The film is talking about the Story of a mid-age Doctor " Khalid " who committed suicide and left a number of video tapes where he says that he has murdered by someone.

Joseph is the Detective that was asked to handle the investigations where he got involved in Khalid's past and life while trying to figure out who was the victim of this kind, generous, beloved man he started to know and like after he died.


Directed by:Joud Said

Produced by:

National Film Organization - Fardous Drama



Abd Allateef Abd Al Hameed

Abd AlMenem Amayri

Laura Abo Asaad

Maxim Khaleel

Hiba Nour

Andre Skaf

Sawsan Arsheed

Gorgeous Jbara

Jamal Al Ali

Laura Abu Asaad		  Andre Skaf		  Jamal Al Ali		  Sawsan Arsheed		  Abdul Latif Abdul Hamid		  Abdul Moneim Amairi		  Maxim Khalil