Wadi Al Zeab Season 5

Mourad decide to give up his mission and do a plastic surgery so he can live peacefully.

An Israeli terrorist attack has done in the south turkey and the victims are 2 Turkish police cops. The criminals escape to the American military base in Adana

The doctors refuse to make the surgery because of the high blood pressure

But Mourad decides to make the surgery upon his responsibility

He will be kidnapped from the operation room

Then he discovers that the elders are those who kidnapped him, the reason is to let him help in getting the Israeli criminals out of the base

He succeeded in infiltrating the base, but he fails to get the agents out and he chase one of them till the south of Iraq and after he brings back the agent to Istanbul , the agent is assassinated

The elders decide that Mourad has failed and they chase him and hire Ousal.

Ousal decides to get revenge from Mourad and the fight will start.

Mourad decides to work secretly underground while fighting he get conflict with the secret intelligent who deals with the mafia.

Oursoy the head of the department kills Mimmaty‘s son and goldana, For Mourad it becomes a matter of revenge and a duty but without the government protection.

He fights with Oursoy who is worse than Iskandar and the fight goes on, Mourad find out that the colleague of Rahaf his first love became an attorney general, so he keeps a good relation with her

he get into a fight with Layla the attorney general the friend of Rahaf , although that they have the same objective which is the justice but he has his own way but layla wants the justice through court , this way is an obstacle in Mourad way during his fight with Oursoy.

Shady Mikrash		  Marwan Farhat		  Ayman Abdul Salam		  Ayman Al Salek		  Suzan Skaf		  Majd Zaza		  Michal Naema		  Rana Risha		  Amani Al Hakim		  Iyas Abu Ghazala		  Malek Al Muhammad		  Muhammad Qanua		  Fadi Sbaih		  Owiss Mokhllati		  Naji Makhoul		  Kosai Kodsiah		  Basel Al Refai		  Iyad Abu Al Chamat		  Ali Satouf