Eshq Wa Jazaa [Ask Ve Ceza]

A young woman loses her faith in love as the result of her fiancé cheating on her the day before their wedding 

Revenge is sought with a one-night-stand with a complete stranger.

A dark night with two important outcomes: a pregnancy and a lover for months

The stranger looks for his mysterious partner from that One-night stand.

He finally finds her, however things are different Now 

He is married with his dead brother's widowed wife as dictated by traditions.

But he is unable to reveal this.

A magnificent love story of two lovers struggle to maintain their relationship despite being caught In the middle of tradition, modernity, choice, and family.

Alla Al Zoubi		  Roula Zoubian		  Amani Al Hakim		  Sahar Fawzi		  Layla Bakdons		  Wadah Halom		  Muwafaq Al Ahmad		  Etab Naem		  Iyas Abu Ghazala