Abdul Latif Abdul Hamid

Born in Latakia, 1954 Studied Arabic literature at the University Teshreen, And graduated from the Higher Institute of Cinema, Moscow 1981 Films as a Director: Layali Ben Awa [Nights of the Jackal] – Rasael Shafahiya [Verbal Messages] - Qumran and Zaytouneh – Naseem Al Rouh [The Breeze of The Spirit]- AL Mostamioun [Listeners] – Soud Al Matar [Rise of The Rain] – Matar Ayloul [Rain of September] – Kharej Al Taghtia [Out of Coverage] – Al Ashek [The Lover] Films as an Actor: Nojoum AL Nahar [Stars of the Day] – Maraa Okhra [Again] - Sadeki Al Akhier [My Last friend]


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